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About Me

I work at SAP as a User Experience Designer, focused on the role design thinking and creative processes can and should play in the workplace. I also teach classes at the Stanford Classes that I have taught include Organizational Psychology of Design Thinking, Connectors, Analyzers & Quiet Listeners: Redefining and Reimagining Leadership, Embracing Diverse Perspectives in the Workplace. Because I enjoying filling my time with meaningful work, I also work for IDEO U as a teaching team lead on both the Storytelling for Influence course and the Leading for Creativity course. I am a graduate of the Learning, Design, and Technology program at the Stanford Graduate School of Education. For my Masters project, I studied collaboration and developed tools and techniques to share with educators and practitioners. Previous to that, I was a teacher at an experiential high school, CITYterm.

To see more details about my experience, see my resume below.

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